The Union of Elven Courts

The Union of Elven Courts, or Nanan Kortumoj, is the home nation of the Cliff Elves. Its capital is located in the cliff city of Klifondomojn, and the nation is governed by a series of courts, each headed by a number of judges. The highest authority in the country is held by the Malunuan Kortumo, or the Last Court.


The majority of Cliff Elves practice the religion of their ancestors. The religion is based solely on the concept of dreaming, and the Cliff Elves worship no specific gods and practice no form of ancestor worship. There are a number of mythological figures in the religion, however. The most prominent of these is the Ghost Spider, or Fantomaraneo.

The Kirko de la Aliformigxon Pravan, often rendered in common as the Church of the Butterfly, has become a recent fixture of Klifondomojn. Unlike the traditional religion of the Cliff Elves, this religion follows an omnipotent godlike figure, the Butterfly. Little is known about the religion, as the Church and its congregation is extremely secretive in nature, but recent rumors suggest the followers of the religion may practice some sort of ritual disfigurement.

The Union of Elven Courts

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