This page lists some points of interest on Enoras.

The Silver Empire

Northern Redoubt

The northern redoubt was a military outputs built within the Red Basin. Contact was lost in 7101. All expeditions to the former outputs have either not returned or had to abort the expedition before reaching the outpost. The government officially maintains that the outpost is staffed and in good condition, despite not having heard from it in 15 years. It’s a poorly kept secret that a majority of the government believes the outpost to have been overrun, with a smaller minority believing the soldiers may have deserted their posts. The Empire’s revised military plans no longer require use of the outpost and it is scheduled to be decommissioned in the future. However, the Empire is still looking for adventurers interested in trying to reestablish contact.

Experimental Gold Mine

The experimental gold mine is located on a peak south southwest of Libashziril. It is intended to serve as a prototype mine for future mines built above snowline. The miners use steam and boiling water to blast through the thick ice. Water is drained from the tunnels using a series of pumps. Temperatures on the surface and the interior of the mine are carefully monitored and the mine is closed if it rises near freezing. The yields are low and the mine is expensive to operate. The Silver Empire maintains that the mine is still profitable and manages to cover its operational costs due to the high value of gold. However, every year the mine operators collect grants from the Silver Empire and the Imperial Metallurgical Society. The mine is generally off-limits and is guarded by the military. Some people believe that the mine could not support itself on the gold alone and that the Empire must have found something else valuable there that they are not disclosing.

The Ancient Mine of Ilkinven

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Miscellaneous Mines

The Sildgen salt mines are the largest operational salt mines within the Silver Empire. Salt is important within the Empire, used both as a food preservative and in glazing for pottery.

The Imperial Sluiceworks are the largest sluice mining operation within the empire. With the exhaustion of gold from mines below the snowline, sluice mining is the primary source of new gold produced in the Empire. In order to keep up with demand for gold, the Empire has many sluice mines like the Imperial Sluiceworks, some privately owned and others run by the government.

The Stakland Clay Quarry is the source of all the red clay in the Empire, used in the traditional salt-glazed pottery produced there. This pottery is culturally significant, and examples of the red pottery have been found dating back to the earliest Dwarves on Enoras.


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