Giants are the oldest sentient beings on Enoras. They are also, as their name implies, among the largest. Compared to other intelligent races, they are relatively few in number, and they have little society to speak of.

Frost Giants

The Frost Giants were the first race to walk upon Enoras. They live in the ice-capped peaks in the north of Travia. They are not as quick-witted as the other, smaller races, but their protracted lifespans gives many a certain wisdom that can only come with hundreds of years of life. In fact, no one has ever confirmed seeing a Frost Giant that had died of old age. Some say that one of the first Frost Giants created over four thousand years ago.

Mountain Giants

Mountain Giants are smaller and weaker than Frost Giants, although the reduction in power is negligible for most – Frost Giants and Mountain Giants alike can reduce most creatures to a fine red paste with a single blow. These walking mountains live in the mountains just outside Worldgate.

Hill Giants

Hill Giants are the smallest and weakest variety of giant, and also the most feeble-minded. At a distance, a Hill Giant could be confused for a large, primitive man. Closer inspection would make their 12-foot height more apparent, though this is not recommended.

Individual Hill Giants can be found nearly anywhere, as they are nomadic and mostly solitary. However, this lifestyle is more a result of their limited mental capacity than a necessity: Hill Giants are known to forget where they were settled while out hunting for food. Though they originate from the same region as the Mountain Giants, they have been spotted wandering lost and confused as far out as Koyotl and Hut-Atum.


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