Elves are the longest-lived creatures on Enoras, second to Dragons and roughly equal to Draconians. They are known for being slender and fair, taller than Dwarves, but shorter than Humans. They are not the fiercest warriors on Travia, but they are certainly among the most wise. They are adept at the magic arts.

Cliff Elves

Cliff Elves, or the Nanajmitojn in Cliff Elvish, are the first elves on Enoras. They live primarily in the cliff city Klifondomojn, which is nestle the fracture between the mainland and the desert. Though normally a difficult place to life, the cliff elves have created a large network of platforms and elevators in the cliffs that stretches from the very edge of the cliff to the the hidden harbors found at the bottom of the canyon. The need to constantly expand and repair this system of platforms has caused the cliff elvish society to prize mechanical ingenuity above all else. Despite this focus on the practical, the Cliff Elves continue to honor the traditions of their ancestors. A tradition of particular note is one known as Marsho, which is a coming of age journey in which a young Cliff Elf wanders about Travia, trying to retrace the ancestral journeys of their ancestors during the creation of the world, a time they call the Sanjzaeroa.

Wood Elves

The Wood Elves live in the heart of the forests, far north of their brethren. Life in the woods has made them calm and good at heart. They are secretive about their home, but they do not disdain the other races. They are on good terms with Green Dragons and Gnomes, and also regularly trade with Kobolds.

Desert Elves

The Desert Elves are nomads, wandering the desert on the other side of the great fissure. The harsh desert has shortened their lifespans a bit, compared to the Cliff Elves, but they still outlive the Anubi, whom they share the desert with. While they are not evil, they value survival over morality.

Sea Elves

Not much is known about the Sea Elves outside of their own society. They live in the sea off the southwestern coast of Travia.


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