The Dwarves are the rough and hardy masters of the mountains. They are widely regarded as the finest craftsmen in the whole of Travia. They are shorter than most races, but make up for their size with a surprising sturdiness and muscle density, as well as a tougher spirit than the taller races.

Imperial Dwarves

The Imperial Dwarves are the oldest race of Dwarves. Their empire equal parts above and below ground, from spires towering above the ground to dungeons carved deep within the mountains they call home. Their greatest accomplishment was the construction of Worldgate, the Great-Wall of Universes, known to the Dwarves as Oraminod SarĂ¡madil Thur. It has successfully withstood savage attacks from orcs and giants for over a millenum and a half.

Steel Forges Dwarves

They are of the same blood as Imperial Dwarves, but they owe their allegiance to the People’s Republic of Steel Forges.

Plains Dwarves

Split off years ago from the Imperial Dwarves. They live near the humans, southwest of the Empire.

Grey Dwarves

During the period known as the Schism, almost two thousand years ago, a group of Dwarves led by Cilob Olinokir began practicing profane magic. After stealing the divinity of an evil god, they were exiled from the Empire, and made their home in the harsh, unforgiving region of Red Basin. To this day, the practice evil arts through the use of something called the Evil Forge.


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