Dragons are among the oldest living things on Enoras, and certainly the most powerful. They were created over a thousand years ago on Kounia.

There are six varieties of true Dragon:

  • Elder Dragons – the oldest and most powerful, which remain on Kounia
  • Red Dragons – the sinister Dragons residing in the mountains north of the Dwarven Empire
  • White Dragons -cold and aloof, owing to their home in the frozen tundra in the northeast of Travia
  • Green Dragons – the most social of Dragons, which live in the forest with the Wood Elves
  • Black Dragons – the most vile, due to their seclusion in the Blighted Forest
  • Blue Dragons – guardians of the desert

Some other species have split off from the Dragon lineage:

  • Lung – the long, serpentine Dragons that associate with Dwarven royalty
  • Coatl – feathered serpents
  • Kobolds – their origin is unknown, but they have clear draconic lineage
  • Draconians – the intelligent humanoids created by Progonos himself


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