During the the reign of the Second Emperor Ervīn Nulke (common: Bran Sliverbeard) in the 67th century, farming dwarfs colonized the plains and formed the autonomous nation, Camilimale, the fragrant river. They settled in the current capital, Melivon.


The highest level officials in the Camil government consist of city-level officials. Government officials are elected every 5 years in local elections. Government actions are coordinated at the nation level by a council composed headed by the designated executive official of each city of Camil. Each city additionally has 5 representatives on this council. Decisions are made by consensus.

The national government serves at the pleasure of the component city states, and at any time a city may choose to withdraw from the national government and take unilateral action.


The Plains dwarfs and Imperial dwarfs maintain a close friendship, perhaps because they served complemented another so well. The the Silver Empire focuses on mineral wealth and has imperial government centered around the Emperor who reigns for life. Camilimale, on the other hand, styles itself as a rural nation focusing on education, a small democratic government, and individual liberty. The Silver Empire provides manufactured goods and military assistance to Camilimale, and in return Camilimale exports food to the north and serves as a dumping ground for political dissidents.

In foreign relations, Camilimale attempts to remain fairly neutral, although it’s population feels a strong kinship with the dwarves of the Silver Empire, even if they don’t necessarily agree with their choice of government.

It is one of the few states that maintains diplomatic communication with Omare, although no official communication has been heard from Omare in nearly twenty years. The government is reconsidering its neutrality in light of recent events.




The nation is primarily agricultural based, and famous for exporting spices and hot peppers.


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