The Heroes of Travia

Session 5

The next day following the defense of the breach in Worldgate, the party was called upon to help bring an end to the onslaught of orc marauders. This time, their goal was deep in the mountains: the orc war camp. Under cover of night, while the orcs were out assaulting Worldgate, the party crept up to a ridge overlooking the camp. After much debate over their strategy, they decided on a frontal assault to break through the gate. Two bombs in hand, Schala glided over the gate and blew it wide open. After eliminating the small number of guards, they went about killing orcs and setting fire to tents. The huge chieftain’s tent contained (aside from a shaman and a handful of guards) a fair share of loot, including gems and a few magic items.

Upon their return to Axefire, they had another job. While they were sacking the war camp, the orcs made one large assault on the breach. Most of the orcs were either killed or retreated, but the defenders managed to capture three of the attackers. Having heard of his impressive investigative skill, the commander put Ned in charge of the interrogation.

The first prisoner, Dench, was, by orcish standards, a coward. Ned chose to take Ezekiel in with him. After his offer of free entry into the glorious Republic of Steel Forges was turned down, something very strange happened in Ned’s brain, and he instructed Ezekiel to undo Dench’s bonds. Ned bet that Dench had a strong arm. Happy to oblige, Dench took a swing at Ned and then began grappling with Ezekiel. Not until Ned called Schala in to intimidate him did Dench give up what little he knew: three days ago, one day before the explosion, a strange man from Steel Forges came to speak with the war chief.

The second prisoner, Krusk, proved significantly more difficult. Insane with rage, Krusk was unwilling to speak. Hoping to convince him to talk, Ned aimed his flintlock pistol at Krusk. The threat was met with laughter. Indeed, Ned made good on his threat and shot him in the knee. This, too, was met with laughter. Ned called in Fanar for assistance. Fanar offered Krusk healing, which he turned down. Fanar also tried a charm spell, which failed. Apparently devoid of options, Ned and Fanar left the room. Schala entered, hoping to end the interrogation as quickly as the last one. Unfortunately, Krusk was not nearly as susceptible to intimidation as Dench. Krusk’s response was to snap his manacles and assault Schala with his fists. After a short exchange of fists and fire, Ned burst into the room and ended the fight with another shoot from his pistol, this one straight through the temple of the raging barbarian.

After a severe reprimand by the lieutennant in charge of the prisoners, Ned and Fanar executed a relatively tame interrogation involving some discussion and the exchange of a some money as well as the offer of passage into Steel Forges, originally intended for Dench. The prisoner, a shaman named Thokk, revealed that a mysterious red draconian claiming to be from Steel Forges told the orcs when and where to attack. By the party’s reasoning, there are three possibilities:

1) Steel Forges blew the hole in the wall to allow the orcs in, hoping to weaken the Empire before restarting the war and attacking.
2) The red draconian was a follower of a Lung, attempting to restart the war, expecting the Empire to destroy Steel Forges in another war.
3) The red draconian was a follower of a red dragon, trying to bring back the war for sinister and unknown means.

With the resolution of the disaster at Axefire, the party can continue on its way to Stakland.

XP: 2000

1600 GP


  • amethyst worth 120 GP
  • brown-green garnet worth 80 GP
  • amethyst worth 90 GP
  • blue quartz worth 11 GP
  • blue diamond worth 8000 GP

arcane scroll:

  • Cause Fear
  • Shield


  • Bear’s Endurance
  • Eagle’s Splendor
  • Mage Armor


Garnavis Garnavis

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