The Heroes of Travia

Session 5

The next day following the defense of the breach in Worldgate, the party was called upon to help bring an end to the onslaught of orc marauders. This time, their goal was deep in the mountains: the orc war camp. Under cover of night, while the orcs were out assaulting Worldgate, the party crept up to a ridge overlooking the camp. After much debate over their strategy, they decided on a frontal assault to break through the gate. Two bombs in hand, Schala glided over the gate and blew it wide open. After eliminating the small number of guards, they went about killing orcs and setting fire to tents. The huge chieftain’s tent contained (aside from a shaman and a handful of guards) a fair share of loot, including gems and a few magic items.

Upon their return to Axefire, they had another job. While they were sacking the war camp, the orcs made one large assault on the breach. Most of the orcs were either killed or retreated, but the defenders managed to capture three of the attackers. Having heard of his impressive investigative skill, the commander put Ned in charge of the interrogation.

The first prisoner, Dench, was, by orcish standards, a coward. Ned chose to take Ezekiel in with him. After his offer of free entry into the glorious Republic of Steel Forges was turned down, something very strange happened in Ned’s brain, and he instructed Ezekiel to undo Dench’s bonds. Ned bet that Dench had a strong arm. Happy to oblige, Dench took a swing at Ned and then began grappling with Ezekiel. Not until Ned called Schala in to intimidate him did Dench give up what little he knew: three days ago, one day before the explosion, a strange man from Steel Forges came to speak with the war chief.

The second prisoner, Krusk, proved significantly more difficult. Insane with rage, Krusk was unwilling to speak. Hoping to convince him to talk, Ned aimed his flintlock pistol at Krusk. The threat was met with laughter. Indeed, Ned made good on his threat and shot him in the knee. This, too, was met with laughter. Ned called in Fanar for assistance. Fanar offered Krusk healing, which he turned down. Fanar also tried a charm spell, which failed. Apparently devoid of options, Ned and Fanar left the room. Schala entered, hoping to end the interrogation as quickly as the last one. Unfortunately, Krusk was not nearly as susceptible to intimidation as Dench. Krusk’s response was to snap his manacles and assault Schala with his fists. After a short exchange of fists and fire, Ned burst into the room and ended the fight with another shoot from his pistol, this one straight through the temple of the raging barbarian.

After a severe reprimand by the lieutennant in charge of the prisoners, Ned and Fanar executed a relatively tame interrogation involving some discussion and the exchange of a some money as well as the offer of passage into Steel Forges, originally intended for Dench. The prisoner, a shaman named Thokk, revealed that a mysterious red draconian claiming to be from Steel Forges told the orcs when and where to attack. By the party’s reasoning, there are three possibilities:

1) Steel Forges blew the hole in the wall to allow the orcs in, hoping to weaken the Empire before restarting the war and attacking.
2) The red draconian was a follower of a Lung, attempting to restart the war, expecting the Empire to destroy Steel Forges in another war.
3) The red draconian was a follower of a red dragon, trying to bring back the war for sinister and unknown means.

With the resolution of the disaster at Axefire, the party can continue on its way to Stakland.

XP: 2000

1600 GP


  • amethyst worth 120 GP
  • brown-green garnet worth 80 GP
  • amethyst worth 90 GP
  • blue quartz worth 11 GP
  • blue diamond worth 8000 GP

arcane scroll:

  • Cause Fear
  • Shield


  • Bear’s Endurance
  • Eagle’s Splendor
  • Mage Armor
Session 4

With just a week of rest since their adventure in Old Town, the team was called upon once more to help Steel Forges. This time, their mission was political: visit the Silver Empire under the guise of an investigation, showing cooperation between a Steel Forger, an Imperial, and an Anubis. This was crucial, given the implications of the assassination: the Empire was framed, and it was looking like it came from within Steel Forges. Recognizing that the relationships between – and therefore the safety of – their homelands were at stake, the team agreed.

The party, in the company of Minister Donovan Timur, arrived at the great fortress Axefire after a day’s travel by carriage. The Minister related to them the story of Axefire and the breach of Worldgate.

The team was welcomed within the walls of Axefire, though not warmly. The Imperial guards inside appreciated the presence of Fanar, their cleric and kinsman, but barely tolerated the rest, especially Ned. Finding himself surrounded by the unenlightened, Ned felt determined to spread the word of the good life in Steel Forges. Unfortunately, nobody around seemed especially interested. Things got a bit tense between the adventurers and the guards in the tavern, but Schala managed to defuse the situation in his own unique, draconic way: spreading his wings and shouting.

That night, after much debate over the security of their room in the barracks, the party, along with the rest of the garrison, was awoken by a far-off rumble. Upon reaching the northwestern gate of the fortress, to their horror, they saw flames on the wall a half-mile down. They ran up to the top of the wall and headed over to investigate, though they already knew what had happened: Worldgate had been cracked once again.

At the disaster site, Garrison Commander Magnus Bolthod explained the situation: this guard tower was completely destroyed, taken down by black-powder explosives. Many Dwarves were busy clearing the rubble, most of them used it as an excuse not to be called on to guard the breach. In desperation, the Commander asked the party to defend the ground while his crossbows guarded from the wall. They agreed immediately, and went down to the pile of rubble to make preparations.

It wasn’t long before, expectedly, the orcs began to charge the wall, taking advantage of its destruction. With the help of some burning oil and a handful of other guard Dwarves, the team managed to defend the breach from orcs, ogres, and the leader of the warband, Hrodar, Son of Boltag. The defeat of their leader marked the end of their assault, and the remaining orcs in the band retreated, giving Ned some time to look around.

The explosion was black-powder, there was no doubt of that, judging from the residue. It would require a massive quantity to destroy this tower, and the orcs couldn’t possibly have procured it themselves. The Empire’s other likely enemies, the Gray Dwarves, had no need for black powder for such a task. Even more distressing was the fact that the explosion must have come from the Dwarven side of Worldgate. A conspiracy is brewing, and it’s up to Investigator Ned and his team of adventurers to put an end to it.

XP: 1126 each

Session 3

After stocking up, Investigator Ned and his team headed over to the infamous Old Town, the home of Steel Forges’ seedy underground. The team was stopped by a thuggish Orc, but they managed to smooth-talk their way past him and his gang, with the help of some bribery.

Naturally, it wasn’t long before someone tried to rip the team off. A Dwarf thief attempted to pick Ezekiel’s pocket, but he was caught in the act. He slashed Ned across the face with a quickblade and ran off, giving his cohort just enough time to pick something off of Ned. Something very valuable, in fact: his Steel Forges Guard Firearm Certification.

The thieves escaped, but when they realized that the strange, unfamiliar Tiktaalik was in fact a city guard, they gathered a gang and attempted to fight back. Demonstrating the skill required to obtain a firearm certification, Ned shot the thief dead with a single bullet. A brutal battle ensued, using most of the team’s resources and energy. Through smart fighting and perseverance, the team came out on top. After recuperating from the fight, they looted some nearby hovels and collected some potions and money, along with a blunderbuss and a musket to add to Ned’s collection.

The team knew they had found the entrance to the Black Fangs hideout when they saw a large archway cut in the ravine wall leading far down. Like the vermin they were, the Black Fangs had no home to call their own, so they took over an ancient Dwarven underground fortress. The team descended slowly and cautiously, but the Fangs were ready and waiting.

A Fangs lieutenant and a crew of musketeers held the team at gunpoint and requested a deal: the Guards don’t bother the Fangs, the Fangs don’t bother the guards. Ned continued to buy time, when suddenly, negotiations were halted by the faint sound of gunfire from the hallway, followed by the appearance of two unusual canisters. In a flash of orange and yellow, the canisters exploded and the Fangs were engulfed in alchemist’s fire. A few more cracks of gunfire and they were down for good. None other than a small squad of Ned Kelly’s Rangers emerged from the dark hallway, donning their signature armor and uniforms. Calmly and professionally, they secured the room and checked in with their support. They agreed to split up, taking the northern half themselves, while the party checked over the already-cleared southern section.

Ned, Ezekiel, Schala, and Fannar searched through the complex system of passages. After a bit of wandering, they stumbled across a strange Dwarf digging through a barrel of Vartax in an old storage room. The Dwarf turned to look at the party, surprised and afraid. His hair was disheveled and his eyes were wild. Without a word, he appeared to reach towards Ned, and a bolt of purplish fire lept from his hand and struck Ned. The team quickly dispatched him and found nothing on him but a strange silver medallion, which depicted what looked like a mass of tentacles.

Before long, Fannar’s inherent Dwarven knowledge of masonry tipped him off to a hidden passage. The narrow hallway spiraled down and down, leading the party to – unusually and unexpectedly – a vast throne room, filled from wall to wall with priceless treasures and artifacts. At the far end of the room, the self-proclaimed “King of Thieves” and leader of the Black Fangs sat atop a golden throne, mockingly dressed in full court regalia.

He stood up from his thrown and approached the party with an air of confidence. However, the man coming towards them was clearly no man – he grew larger, hairier, and much, much more powerful before their very eyes. The werewolf bounded across crates of treasure and attacked the party. His strikes were powerful and his skin was tough. No weapon seemed to harm him. Desperate, Fannar reached into his spell component pouch and pulled out the only thing he knew would harm the lycanthrope: silver dust. The hulking man-beast choked and coughed as the cloud of powdered silver struck him in the face. Ned loaded his blunderbuss silver coins blasted him, peppering him with burning wounds. Another load of silver coins felled the former king.

Exhausted and nigh on death, the team rendezvoused with the Rangers and headed back to the constabulary. Once again, Timur was impressed with the results this new, irregular team was able to produce. Even Ned Kelly himself was there to meet with his Rangers. Albert, the squad commander, put in a recommendation for Investigator Ned.

Timur gave the team the next few days to rest and recover, while he and his guards began the work of cleaning up Old Town, collecting information from the Black Fangs HQ, and sorting through the massive collection of stolen treasures in the throne room.

A thorough investigation of Black Fangs records indicated the the Fangs did, in fact, know some valuable information about the assassinations, although they weren’t directly connected themselves. The most useful record was a journal kept by a Black Fang intelligence lieutenant. The assassination was performed by a highly skilled, highly dangerous assassin referred to as Doru the Shade. While no leads to either Doru or his contractor were found, it was confirmed that the Imperial crossbow was a plant, and the Empire itself had nothing to do with the assassination. The keeper of the journal noted that the assassination appeared to be politically motivated, though to what end, he was uncertain.

XP: 1200 each

Treasure: 2,500 gold each, split up from the treasure horde

Potions found:
Resist Fire
Protection From Acid
Mage Armor
Bear’s Endurance

Session 2

After the assassination of Ambassador Origen, Captain Timur decided that immediate action must be taken. Given the presence of gang members in the tower the assassin fired from, he suspected the Black Fangs. The Newly-promoted Investigator Ned began interrogating the three Fangs that were already locked up at the constabulary. After a bit of strong encouragement by Ned and some effective coercion on Schala’s part, Mack, Jek, and Argus gave up the location of the Black Fangs office they reported to. It was an abandoned warehouse and factory complex in the industrial district. Timur deputized Ezekiel, Schala, and Fannar, and sent them to investigate under Ned’s leadership.

Ned and his team hustled over to the factory. It was surrounded by high walls, but these pose little problem to the wings of a Draconian. Schala flew across to the warehouse roof and guided the rest of the team over the wall to safety. Unfortunately, being as agile as one could expect an armored Dwarf to be, Fannar made a bit of noise and spooked one of the guards.

The team dispatched a handful of Black Fangs, but one, disarmed and outnumbered, turned and ran. Knowing there wasn’t much time before some more guards came after them, they ducked into the warehouse, scaring away the workers. They discovered, much to their surprise, a rather large stash of the illicit drug, Vartax. In a flash of mad brilliance, Ned formulated a plan – use the wretched drug against its distributors. The team positioned themselves in and around the warehouse. Ned got the guards’ attention and ran into the warehouse, and the guards gave chase. They knew something wasn’t quite right when they saw pounds and pounds of their precious product piled up in the center of the warehouse floor. Ned led them back to the far end of the warehouse, and they continued to pursue him.

Their suspicions of a trap were confirmed when they heard the warehouse doors slam behind them, locked from the outside with a pair of manacles by Fannar. They bolted for the far door, but it was no use. Schala lit up the pile of Vartax with his fiery breath and the party left the warehouse, closing and locking the door behind them. The Black Fangs banged on the door as the Vartax fumes rose and filled the warehouse. Before long, the banging stopped.

The team had one more concern: the boss. The leader of this operation was still in the factory, and he knew they were coming. Schala infiltrated the upper floor of the factory and saw them barricaded behind assembly lines. They were well-armed and well-prepared. Nothing, though, could prepare them for Investigator Ned’s ingenuity. The team pooled their resources, and Ned picked out a few bottles of Fannar’s Firebelly, some cloth, and some matches, and made some impromptu molotov coctails. They broke the factory windows and lit the place up, eliminating the first line of defense. Without hesitation, they stormed in and took out the rest, keeping the boss himself as a prisoner. The team collected some muskets and a stack of papers and brought them all back to the constabulary.

Captain Timur commended the team for their extraordinary ability in stopping the Black Fangs, and awarded Ned with the much sought-after Guardsman’s Firearm Authorization. He also informed the team that their job was not done. The papers they found revealed that the operation they busted was just one arm of the Black Fangs. The good news was that their true leadership was revealed, and Timur knew just the team to take them out…

Ezekiel: 1444
Fannar: 1444
Ned: 1444
Schala: 1444

Session 1
The beginning

The adventure began with the coming of Ambassador Nagib Jabir Irfan Kobina Arap of the Anubi into Steel Forges. A large crowd was gathered, among them, the Imperial Dwarf Fannar Jon Thorisson and Schala, the Draconian, as well as another mysterious Draconian. The visit seemed peaceful enough until Nagib was struck through the heart with a crossbow bolt. Thinking quickly, his mage-advisor, Sefu, managed to save Ambassador Alphege Origen of Steel Forges.

Immediately, bodyguard Ezekiel and city guard Ned sprang into action and investigated a tower from which the assassin could have killed the ambassador. On the way up, they ran into a group of Black Fangs, the most notorious gang in Steel Forges. Ezekiel’s superior, Bulut, fell to the crack of a pistol, but Ezekiel and Ned cleaned up the thugs and continued to the top.

At the top, they found nothing but a crossbow of Imperial make, and a footprint indicating that the killer had escaped through a window – 80 feet above the ground.

Meanwhile, Fannar and Schala were arrested and thrown in jail, suspected of being connected with the assasination. Fannar was of particular interest, being the only Imperial Dwarf in the crowd, considering the murder weapon was Imperial as well. They found themselves in the same cell as some Black Fang thugs. They found Schala’s unusual appearance amusing, but were less amused by his claws.

Fearing for his life, Ambassador Origen was kept safe for the night in a special guarded room in the constabulary. Both Anubi and Steel Forges guards kept watch. Despite their vigilance, however, the assasun struck again, killing Origen and a handful of guards without a trace.

Ezekiel: 600
Fannar: 600
Ned: 600
Schala: 600

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