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Take the train north from Grand Central in New York City to Poughkeepsie. Get off at the train station and briefly admire the scenic view of the Hudson River. Walk about 6 blocks east on Main Street and stop at the corner of Main and Market, at the Civic Center. Get on the Loop Bus, take route c going north. Ride up Route 9 past Hyde Park, through Rhinebeck, and into Red Hook. Get off at the corner of Broadway and Market (it’s the only stoplight in town, you can’t miss it). Walk north about a block, go into the Village Diner, and buy a hamburger. You’re not in Enoras, but you’re close enough.

Welcome to Enoras, a fantasy setting invented using the Dawn of Worlds system.

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Cosmology Settled Races Player Characters
Enoras Anubi Ezekiel
Alton Coronates Fanar jon Thorisson
Bron the Light Draconians Ned
Kurin the Dark Dwarves Schala
Crimson Belt Elves Featured Non-Player Characters
Continents Gnomes Captain Timur
Travia Humans Ned Kelly
Kounia Tiktaalik Ambassador Origen
Castus Other Races Ambassador Arap
Other Places Dragons More…
Nation Index Giants Featured Historical Figure
City Index Kobolds Max Silverhands
Unique Places Orcs List of Historical Figures

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