A skilled, yet naive fighter from the Southern Desert


Level 3 Fighter
Neutral Good. Worships {NEEDS A NAME JEFF}, god of the Anubi.

13HP (needs 1 more hit die, waiting to roll until I’m in John’s presence)
17AC (14 Flat-footed, 13 Touch)

13 STR (+ 1)
17 DEX (+ 3)
14 CON (+ 2)
13 INT (+ 1)
09 WIS (- 1)
09 CHA (- 1)

Weapon Finesse (Replaces STR modifier with DEX modifier for attack rolls with light weapons)
Two-Weapon Fighting (Reduces fighting penalties for fighting with two weapons)
Dual Strike (Allows attacking with two weapons as a standard action rather than a full-round action)
Weapon Focus, Warsickle (+1 to attack rolls while using warsickles)

Trained Skills:

Climb, +4 (4 ranks, +1 STR bonus, -1 AC penalty)
Intimidate, +3 (4 ranks, -1 CHA penalty)
Jump, +4 (4 ranks, +1 STR bonus, -1 AC penalty)
Tumble, +5 (3 ranks, +3 DEX bonus, -1 AC penalty)


Ezekiel is an Anubi fighter from the Southern Deserts of Travia. Like most male Anubi, he was trained in the art of war from a very young age, and showed great promise on the battlefield. However, his studies in fields such as history and the outside world were neglected, and he is still clearly naive about the rest of the world, especially the mysterious city of Steel Forges.

Sent on a mission to guard Ambassador Nagib, while on a quest to call for aid against the ever-stronger Apep, Ezekiel found himself in a tight situation when Ambassador Nagib was murdered. Having failed to protect the Ambassador, Ezekiel finds himself on a quest to restore his good name, to avenge the death of the Ambassador and his comrades felled in combat, and to defeat the Apep which threaten his own race.

Ezekiel’s weapon of choice is the warsickle, a traditional Anubi weapon. Wielding one in each hand, he is able to inflict massive damage on his enemies.



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