The Heroes of Travia

Session 2

After the assassination of Ambassador Origen, Captain Timur decided that immediate action must be taken. Given the presence of gang members in the tower the assassin fired from, he suspected the Black Fangs. The Newly-promoted Investigator Ned began interrogating the three Fangs that were already locked up at the constabulary. After a bit of strong encouragement by Ned and some effective coercion on Schala’s part, Mack, Jek, and Argus gave up the location of the Black Fangs office they reported to. It was an abandoned warehouse and factory complex in the industrial district. Timur deputized Ezekiel, Schala, and Fannar, and sent them to investigate under Ned’s leadership.

Ned and his team hustled over to the factory. It was surrounded by high walls, but these pose little problem to the wings of a Draconian. Schala flew across to the warehouse roof and guided the rest of the team over the wall to safety. Unfortunately, being as agile as one could expect an armored Dwarf to be, Fannar made a bit of noise and spooked one of the guards.

The team dispatched a handful of Black Fangs, but one, disarmed and outnumbered, turned and ran. Knowing there wasn’t much time before some more guards came after them, they ducked into the warehouse, scaring away the workers. They discovered, much to their surprise, a rather large stash of the illicit drug, Vartax. In a flash of mad brilliance, Ned formulated a plan – use the wretched drug against its distributors. The team positioned themselves in and around the warehouse. Ned got the guards’ attention and ran into the warehouse, and the guards gave chase. They knew something wasn’t quite right when they saw pounds and pounds of their precious product piled up in the center of the warehouse floor. Ned led them back to the far end of the warehouse, and they continued to pursue him.

Their suspicions of a trap were confirmed when they heard the warehouse doors slam behind them, locked from the outside with a pair of manacles by Fannar. They bolted for the far door, but it was no use. Schala lit up the pile of Vartax with his fiery breath and the party left the warehouse, closing and locking the door behind them. The Black Fangs banged on the door as the Vartax fumes rose and filled the warehouse. Before long, the banging stopped.

The team had one more concern: the boss. The leader of this operation was still in the factory, and he knew they were coming. Schala infiltrated the upper floor of the factory and saw them barricaded behind assembly lines. They were well-armed and well-prepared. Nothing, though, could prepare them for Investigator Ned’s ingenuity. The team pooled their resources, and Ned picked out a few bottles of Fannar’s Firebelly, some cloth, and some matches, and made some impromptu molotov coctails. They broke the factory windows and lit the place up, eliminating the first line of defense. Without hesitation, they stormed in and took out the rest, keeping the boss himself as a prisoner. The team collected some muskets and a stack of papers and brought them all back to the constabulary.

Captain Timur commended the team for their extraordinary ability in stopping the Black Fangs, and awarded Ned with the much sought-after Guardsman’s Firearm Authorization. He also informed the team that their job was not done. The papers they found revealed that the operation they busted was just one arm of the Black Fangs. The good news was that their true leadership was revealed, and Timur knew just the team to take them out…

Ezekiel: 1444
Fannar: 1444
Ned: 1444
Schala: 1444



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