The Heroes of Travia

Session 1

The beginning

The adventure began with the coming of Ambassador Nagib Jabir Irfan Kobina Arap of the Anubi into Steel Forges. A large crowd was gathered, among them, the Imperial Dwarf Fannar Jon Thorisson and Schala, the Draconian, as well as another mysterious Draconian. The visit seemed peaceful enough until Nagib was struck through the heart with a crossbow bolt. Thinking quickly, his mage-advisor, Sefu, managed to save Ambassador Alphege Origen of Steel Forges.

Immediately, bodyguard Ezekiel and city guard Ned sprang into action and investigated a tower from which the assassin could have killed the ambassador. On the way up, they ran into a group of Black Fangs, the most notorious gang in Steel Forges. Ezekiel’s superior, Bulut, fell to the crack of a pistol, but Ezekiel and Ned cleaned up the thugs and continued to the top.

At the top, they found nothing but a crossbow of Imperial make, and a footprint indicating that the killer had escaped through a window – 80 feet above the ground.

Meanwhile, Fannar and Schala were arrested and thrown in jail, suspected of being connected with the assasination. Fannar was of particular interest, being the only Imperial Dwarf in the crowd, considering the murder weapon was Imperial as well. They found themselves in the same cell as some Black Fang thugs. They found Schala’s unusual appearance amusing, but were less amused by his claws.

Fearing for his life, Ambassador Origen was kept safe for the night in a special guarded room in the constabulary. Both Anubi and Steel Forges guards kept watch. Despite their vigilance, however, the assasun struck again, killing Origen and a handful of guards without a trace.

Ezekiel: 600
Fannar: 600
Ned: 600
Schala: 600



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